Sep. 21, 2018

The Modern Warfare Frozen Crossing Full Movie Download In Hindi

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original title: Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller

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This was a short mini series from the Rocket Jump company known for "Video Game High School" (which I've reviewed) and I'll say this was a pleasant surprise.

There isn't much to say, this is based off of the "Call of Duty" video games. This is played out more like a straight forward actioneer which I'm fine with because it fits the nature of those games which were all all about doing.

The plot is solid, its a typical rescue operation mission but I'm fine with that. What makes it work is the fact that they don't try to complicate it or put any drama which in an espionage thriller/actioneer by it's nature is just filler bull crap. Here it's just straightforward, this is all you need to know so lets get to work. Music is solid nothing memorable but it serves it's purpose.

I really like Ghost and Dust their back and forth is solid even though these two don't have much dialog nor depth. But that's because these two are doers they are their jobs and they both do them well. Even the CIA girl they rescue is solid, she's hot and I like that she's more than a capable soldier.

However, were in it for the action and it's great. I really like the production value, this was done on a modest budget but they used it well and right. Like the use of the locations, costumes/wardrobe wisely chosen, squid and blood effects also solid and practical and the chirography was great everyone had physical and weapons training and it shows. Even like some of the situations which were well thought out and a bit realistic, like the Sniper on the bridge which was a tense situation. Though my favorite was the extraction shootout where Ghost and the CIA girl had to fight their way to the chopper.

The only shame of this is that this wasn't another web series for Rocket Jump, which I think is too bad. After seeing this I would love to see more of Ghost and Dust go on more missions whether based on some of the missions in the video games or not, hopefully the possibility will be in consideration.

Overall, "Modern Warfare" Frozen Crossing hits the mark and won't leave you in the cold.

Rating: 3 and a half stars Made in a couple of parts, this fan-film perhaps didn't get the money or the story support that the makers of Find Makarov did when they recently made Operation Kingfish, but for me personally the Frozen Crossing films are better than those two. A big part of it is that the film doesn't try to ape the Modern Warfare games but rather they take their inspiration from it to make their own fan film independently. This allows them to get their reference points in the look of the characters and the gruff dialogue but not to get trapped competing with the blockbuster game in terms of acting or setting.

The story here is that Spectre (Ghost to all intents and purposes) and Dust are on a mission to rescue a captured CIA agent, when it all goes wrong. It is a solid little story but for me what made it really great was the manner it which they did it. With other fan-films I found that they missed the intensity and action of the games but here they manage to do it really well. A big reason is the way it is directed; the slow motion breach in part 2 is great but even the chase in the snow in the first part is exciting and well filmed. Visually the best part of the Frozen Crossing films is the short snippet (part 2a I guess) that they did of a free-frame battle sequence that the camera is able to move around inside – it has no story but it is really impressive.

The Find Makarov film (and sequel) may have gotten more attention because it wasn't sure if it was official or not, but for me the Frozen Crossing fan-films are much better. The direction and the atmosphere are both better and as a result the films are more engaging and fun in the way the games are.


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